On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are delighted to invite you to the

11th International Symposium on Special Topics in Chemical Propulsion & Energetic Materials (11-ISICP), which will be hosted jointly by Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

and Koç University (KU) in Istanbul, Turkey in June 2017. Scientists, researchers and engineers from all over the world, interested in the synthesis, ignition, combustion and detonation of energetic materials with applications for chemical propulsion, demolition,
and power generation are all invited to participate in this international event. The 11-ISICP will include several invited plenary talks and both oral and poster presentations,
covering 18 distinct technical areas.



11th International Symposium

on Special Topics in Chemical Propulsion & Energetic Materials

11-ISICP Postponed for 2017

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Mr. Kjell Anflo

Chief Engieer, Swedish Space Corporation/ECAPS

Dr. Jörg Stierstorfer

Dept. of Chemistry

Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich


Prof. Benny Natan

Dept. of Aerospace Eng., Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Prof. Brian Cantwell

Dept. of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Stanford University

Prof. Richard Palmer

Nanoscale Physics Research Lab.

University of Birmingham

Prof. Toru Shimada

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

Dr. Clive Woodley

Principal Scientist at QinetiQ

Prof. Yen-Sen Chen

National Space Organization, Taiwan

How to get to the conference

Route from town center

  • By Bus

    Only one bus from Beşiktaş 30M that departs from Beşiktaş port bus station and directly takes you to ITU Macka Campus in five minutes. You could reach Beşiktaş from Taksim Square by buses 559C, 40S, 30D; Dolmuş (7-8 seater yellow midi taxis that only depart after they are full) or taxi. We advise you to buy an Istanbul card In order to use the public transportation vehicles, except from minibus and taxi-minibus, you shoud have an Istanbul-Card which can be taken from the kiosks located in major bus stations in Beşiktaş and Taksim Square. It is a magnetic card on which you can load money as credits.

  • By Dolmuş

    There is a special means of transportation in Istanbul called Dolmuş that departs only when it gets full. These are midi taxis which take you to certain destinations. There is one in Beşiktaş port called Harbiye Dolmuş which takes you directly to ITU Macka Campus in 5 minutes and costs only 2.20 TL per person.

  • By Cable Car

    This is the only cable car in the city. After a 5-7 min. walk from Taksim Square passing by ITU Taşkışla Campus, you reach to the telpher that takes you right in front of ITU Macka Campus.

  • By Taxi

    You could take a taxi from everywhere in Istanbul. You just need to point them! The hotel receptions help you get them too. From Taksim Square, it takes 5 min to reach ITU Macka Campus. Between 8.00-9.30 and 17.00-19.00, the taxi takes nearly half an hour.

Route from hotel


Route from airport

There are two international airports in Istanbul. One in the European and the other in the Anatolian (Asian) side.


Ataturk International Airport

It is located in the European side of Istanbul as ITU Macka Campus. It is about 35-40 km away from Taksim Square.















Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

It is located in the Asian side of Istanbul. It is nearly 50 km away from Taksim Square.

  • Havataş Coach Service

    You could take Havataş coaches from the airport to Taksim Square. It costs only 11 TL and off-rush hour it takes 45 min to Taksim Square. Please see the link for departure schedule:


  • By Taxi

    You could get a taxi from the airport. It costs app. (50 TL) and takes 20 minutes to Taksim Square and 30 minutes to Maçka off-rush hour time.

  • By Metro

    You could take Metro (Subway) from the airport which is the starting station. You will get out at the last station in Yenikapi and transfer to Yenikapi - Haciosman Metro line then get out at the Taksim station. Now you could follow the routes from town center.

  • Havataş Coach Service

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    You could get a taxi from the airport. It costs app. 70 TL and takes 45 minutes to Taksim Square and Maçka off-rush hour time.

  • The History of the Faculty of Management Building

    The Faculty of Management building is located within Istanbul Technical University’s Macka Campus which was once of the annexes of Maçka Armory and  was built as an administration office of this armory. The constructional work was completed by the two members of the famous imperial architects’ family, Simon and Sarkis Balyan between 1861-1862.


    This three-storey armory building was given to the service of Gendarmerie Command at the end of Ottoman era. After the republic was born, the building was used respectively as a training facility for transportation, artillery, corps of engineers and gendarmerie divisions of the army.  In 1956, the building was assigned to the Ministry of Education, during this peridod it has served as a technical school for a while, then the building was left to the service of Istanbul Technical University. The annex consists of classrooms came into service at the beginning of the 1970s.


    Today, the building which was built on the same date, 1874, with the armory building which is used as the School of Foreign Languages, was classified by Semavi Eyice as “Tanzimat Style” as it was built just after the Tanzimat reform era in some sources. Therefore the best example of this type of architecture in İstanbul is this armory building in Macka.


    The architects wanted to give a monumental image through four marble columns in front of the building. On the side of the extending along the Sports Street, a three tier floorplan with large and plentiful windows were were designed in order to provide enough natural interior lighting.


    During the last years of the Empire, this building was used as an administration building of the armory and for a while as a gendarmerie school. After the proclamation of the republic the building was used respectively as transport, artillery, fortification, military science and application and finally as Technical School. In 1950, the armory was assigned to the Faculty of Management of Istanbul Technical University. The exterior of the building wore out over time and it was restored between 2002-2003 by ITU Rectorate.


    Source: Çetintaş, M. Burak, 1976, Dolmabahçe’den Nişantaşı’na Sultanların ve Paşaların Semtinin Tarihi (The History of the City of Sultan’s and Pasha’s From Dolmabahçe to Nişantaşı) (İstanbul,Antik A.Ş.,2005)

Events photos - Coming soon…

  •                Scientific Board

    Prof. İskender Gökalp, CNRS, France

    Prof. Keiichi Hori, JAXA, Japan

    Dr. Arif Karabeyoğlu, Stanford Propulsion Group, USA

    Kenneth Kuo, Pennsylvania State University, USA

    Dr. Arie Peretz, Rafael, Israel

    Assoc. Prof. Onur Tunçer, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

    Dr. John F. Zevenbergen, TNO, Netherlands

  •                Submission of Extended Abstracts

    Please follow all instructions on the conference website carefully. Extended Abstracts and full papers should be submitted electronically. Please submit your Extended Abstract in pdf format (1000 words maximum) with one or two optional figures or tables as per the online procedure on the  website, www.11isicp.org, by the 22 February 2016. Once the Extended Abstract is accepted, instructions on electronic submission of the full paper will be made available.

  •                Selection of Papers

    Acceptance for oral or poster presentations will be based upon review of the Extended Abstract. All orally presented full papers will be peer reviewed and considered for publication in the International Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion (IJEMCP). A number of Best Papers shall be selected for awards from oral and poster presentations. A "no-paper, no-podium" policy will be enforced. Best Student Paper shall be offered as well.

  •                Main Topics

    • Nano Technology and Innovative Methods in Energetic Material (EM) Development
    • Synthesis & Characterization of EMs
    • Formulation, Processing, and Manufacturing of EMs
    • Insensitive Munitions
    • Hazard Reduction and Safety Aspects
    • Theoretical Modeling and Numerical Simulation for Chemical Propulsion (CP) and EM
    • Performance Evaluation of EMs
    • Aging, Stability, and Compatibility
    • Recycling, Disposal, and Environmental Aspects
    • Test Methods and Diagnostic Techniques in CP and/or Combustion of EMs
    • Ignition and Initiation Processes
    • Detonation and/or Deflagration Processes
    • Thermobarics and Thermites
    • Innovative Rocket Propulsion Techniques
    • Rocket Thermal Protection Materials
    • Environmentally-Friendly “Green” Propellants
    • Commercial Applications of EMs
    • Performance of Advanced Propulsion Systems
  •                Schedule of Events

    22 February 2016    Extended Abstract Deadline

    05 May 2016             Notification of Abstract Selection

    15 May 2016          Deadline for Submission of Full Papers to IJEMCP Journal

    15 May 2016             Deadline for Early Registration Fee

    16 May 2016             Deadline for hotel reservations at the Conference Rate

    27 May 2016             Distribution of Final Program

    01 June 2016            Deadline for Conference Rate


    June 2017                 11-ISICP Symposium



Dr. Arif Karabeyoğlu

Co-Chair of 11-ISICP

SPG Inc., San Mateo, CA

Koç University - Istanbul, Turkey


Phone: +90 533 138 6406

Assoc. Prof. Onur Tunçer

Co-Chair of 11-ISICP

Istanbul Technical University

Maslak, 34469, Istanbul, Turkey


Phone: +90 539 473 7766


11th International Symposium on Special Topics in Chemical Propulsion & Energetic Materials (11-ISICP),

which will be hosted jointly by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Koç University (KU) in Istanbul, Turkey